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Round Floral Frog

$ 15.00

A wonderful way to arrange your flowers.

The floral frog is built with a heavy metal base with spiky pins to hold stems in place. The base includes a rubber gasket which fits around the base to prevent slipping or damage to the vase. 

How to use:

Simply choose a vase and place the right size frog at the bottom. Trim the stem of your flower or greenery and insert the stem into the copper needles. Press in firmly and gently move the stem to display it at the angle of your choosing.  The sturdy, pointed, brass needles can hold different flowers and branches stably in place without needing to rely on the side of your vase to determine where the flowers rest. The larger and heavier the frog, the heavier the flowers it can hold up.

Use floral frogs for a variety of styles. They are ideal for traditional vase, bowls, mugs and are essential to Japanese Ikebana arrangements which are done in wide, shallow vessels. 


Steel, Brass & Rubber


Medium: 2 Inch Wide, 0.78 Inch High

Small: 1.3 Inch Wide, 0.7 Inch High