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Cicada Plaster Cast

$ 30.00


From my new limited collection of plaster casts

 Home Now, I present:



Dimensions: 4” x 4” x .5”


Of the many sounds of summer, the rattle of the Cicadas in the trees in a new favorite for of mine. It is a whirling crescendo of noise that ebbs and flows throughout Tennessee's hottest, most humid days. I may not want to see these large insects when I'm out and about - but I have taken quite a liking to listening to them. I consider myself quite brave for collecting this particular specimen as it was lying perfectly in tacked on the side walk outside our home. This cast was taken from a real cicada and I think it's quite lovely in it's clean white form. It's actual green color is beautiful and it's iridescent wings, but nobody want to look at those big, red eyes!


With the launch of the Table of Contents workshops I’ve decided that for each workshop I present I wish to bring forth my own artistic collection using that medium. This limited quantity collection of 5 plaster casts is my first collection coming out of our workshop in September. I’m calling the collection “Home Now” representing different key elements of our first year in Tennessee.

It was a pleasure working with my hands to make special pieces of art; I hope the collection speaks to you too. Bring home one, or all five! It’s that perfect talking point to add to your home decor.