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Carrot Plaster Cast

$ 30.00


From my new limited collection of plaster casts

 Home Now, I present:



Dimensions: 4” x 4” x .5”


This carrot was pulled from the kitchen garden that I planted this year.  This was a labor of love that was made extra special by the helping hand that came by way of three little neighbor boys on the other side of the fence. From assembling the raised bed and planting seeds to harvesting those boys were eager gardeners. One of the best things about our new home is the amazing neighbors we have all around us! Here, if you go to borrow some ingredients from your neighbor, you come away with a whole meal (you know who you are, Mary.) 


With the launch of the Table of Contents workshops I’ve decided that for each workshop I present I wish to bring forth my own artistic collection using that medium. This limited quantity collection of 5 plaster casts is my first collection coming out of our workshop in September. I’m calling the collection “Home Now” representing different key elements of our first year in Tennessee.

It was a pleasure working with my hands to make special pieces of art; I hope the collection speaks to you too. Bring home one, or all five! It’s that perfect talking point to add to your home decor.