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Enjoy this inspiring scent in your home. Table of Contents' new candle The Invitation is an intimate scent; an experience of focus and calm. Green tea and cypress mingle with crisp lemongrass, while smoked tonka bean provides a grounding element. Invite moments of peace and well-being into your day.

The collection “Home Now” represents different key elements of our first year in Tennessee. It was a pleasure working with my hands to make special pieces of art; I hope the collection speaks to you too. Bring home one, or all five! It’s that perfect talking point to add to your home decor.

Every month Table of Contents plans a pop-up creative workshop and invites you to pull up a chair. These workshops are designed to get us outside our homes, away from our screens, working with our hands, and sharing meaningful moments with the people in our community. No level of experience is needed so whether you are trying something new or something you already enjoy, come prepared to delight the senses with the beautiful environment, the contents of the table, and the people around it.

Check back here for updates on the next workshops. 

Hope to see you soon! 

~ Gabrielle Lutze